Raymond in his Auckland Studio

A short walk in the orchard home and studio of Jojo the photographer and artist Raymond on the day of the 12th of the 12th of the 12th. Music: Untitled No. 1 by Matthew Mullane (

Wine and Pizza at Sundown

At the end of a perfect day, Raymond and Jo were enjoying their homemade pizza and glass of pinot noir, out on the deck in the warm setting sun of Oratia. We looked and discovered that our shadows were cast in full animation and clarity of character on the barbeque cover. Ah-ha, we both realized, here is our perfect expression of this day on earth. Before the moment was lost Jo quickly set-up the camera on the tripod to capture this spontaneous event.

Captured for the project One Day on Earth

Since 11/11/11, we have been sifting through hours of submitted footage looking for interesting perspectives and stories. We came across your video and we would love to include the raw files in our New York archive for future use.
Sam Jossen
One Day on Earth

It was a spontaneous moment, requiring a rapid setting up of camera on the
tripod, before the light changed. A decisive moment.
We had fun recording it, and viewing it later ….
Of course if we had more time, we would have done things differently .. but
then perhaps not achieved the same result . . .

One thought on “Videos

  1. A beautifully captured moment … made me laugh out loud.
    Whaddaya laughing about, said David. You’re supposed to be writing.

    Loved the kiss, too 🙂

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