4. A Selection of ‘Interiors’ for Sale

An exploration of human interiors . . . as expressions of human psychology and the historically varied styles of architectural design, both structurally and as surface adornment, that also is full of human symbolism.

A New Zealand Art Collector's InteriorA New Zealand Art Collector’s Interior. –  oil on canvas –  1400mm x 820mm – $4200
London home of New Zealander Andrew McAlpine and Gemma Jackson – film designers and collectors of New Zealand art.
The painting on the left is a Basil Beattie, and the two in the middle are by Colin McCahon.

Luminous Interior  –  oil on canvas  –  1500mm x 900mm  –  $4500  –  with work by Jenny Dolezal above fireplace.

New Zealand Bach Panorama - Marlborough SoundsNew Zealand Bach Panorama. Marlborough Sounds  –  oil on canvas  –  1500mm x 820mm  –  $4200

Bach at Pataua Beach, Northland  –  oil on canvas  –  850mm x 600mm  –  $1650

Robot Interior  –  oil on canvas  –  1500m x 830mm  –  $4400

Robots in New YorkRobots in New York  –  oil on canvas  –  1000mm x 700mm  –  $2300

Interior SpaceInterior Space  –  acrylic on canvas  –  880mm x 1000mm  –  $2100

Living InteriorLiving Interior  –  oil on canvas  – 1300mm x 1050mm  –  $3800

Gauguin Room – Oasis Cafe  –  oil on canvas  –  820mm x 67mm  –  $2400

Shelf LifeShelf Life  –  oil on canvas  –  1050mm x 490mm  –  $1800

Studio InteriorStudio Interior  –  oil on canvas  –  1500mm x 800mm  –  $2200

Basement Interior. St Kevin's Arcade. K RdBasement Interior. St Kevin’s Arcade. K Rd  –  oil on canvas  –  1500mm x 900mm  –  $2400

Water LilyWater Lily  –  oil on canvas  – 1050mm x 490mm  –  $1800

The Artist's Studio - OratiaThe Artist’s Studio – Oratia  –  pencil, with varnish wash on canvas –  1200mm x 850mm  –  $1850

Home Interior Black + White  –  pencil with varnish wash on canvas  – 1500mm x 885mm  –  $3800

The Studio of Max Ernst – 1966  –  pencil with varnish wash on canvas  –  1100mm x 650mm –  $1800

The painting within the painting is The Fete at Seillans, 1964.
An exploration of a new technique of mine, using varnish-wash over pencils of various kinds in conjunction with colourwashes, preserving the dynamics of the first canvas-sketches

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