1. Paintings

The interior paintings are a unity of our worldly, figurative interior living spaces and the universal abstract space of expansive energy constantly moving on a subatomic level of being.

Every object and structural feature of an interior is alive with the presence of the people who have chosen, collected and created them.

I paint interiors as though they are landscapes of mountains and hills, canyons and spaces of distance and sky . . . with corners of rooms unfolding like pages of a book into mysterious shades and dimensions of atmosphere – windows of changing light . . .  the night descending, holding its enchantment onwards past the hour of twelve into infinity.

A house interior is a structural maze of human movement – right angled turns, up and down, walls x4 . . . corners intersecting with floors and ceilings – sky and ground, and with our mind becomes musical  . . . with floors high and low, accents and stops, entries and exits, window views out or curtains closed in . . . all occupied by objects of meaning and memory, present purpose and future functions.

The positive power of contrast, light and dark, black and white, positive and negative magnetic attraction and reaction – the physics of energy creative and alive . . . momentum and speed – of mind at the speed of light – inspired with fullness of minds attention finding focus in fields of colour. Let the sun shine . . . through the canvas illuminating its weave of imaginations wild.

Please click on the link below to view a pdf of most recent paintings.
It may take a second or two to load .. but it’s worth the wait!

+Raymond Jennings Presentation 2012  pdf


All canvases are constructed by the artist, using high grade quality materials

• Pine wood frame

• 15oz or 12oz cotton duck canvas

• Canvas sealed with rabbit size then 2 coats of –

• Acrylic or oil-based primer undercoat

• Windsor & Newton oil-paint

One thought on “1. Paintings

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