Shelf-life Series

Shelf-life series, portraying historic fire-place mantelpieces, and other shelf ideas, as platforms for my compositions of objects, both natural found specimens and European, Maori artefacts of cultural significance . . . playing on their symbolic associations and contrasts of difference.1-tekoteko-on-mantlepiece_low

Tekoteko on Mantlepiece.  oils on canvas.  1120 x 765 mm    SOLD


Shelf Life with Portrait.   oils on canvas.   1120 x 765 mm.   Available


Shelf-life with a Concise History of New Zealand. oils on canvas.  970 x 610 mm.  Available


Shelf-life-a Fine Balance-Piha.  oils on canvas.  1115 x 650 mm.  SOLD


Shelf-life with the Seven Stars of Matariki.  oils on canvas.  1120 x 650 mm.  Available

6-shelf-life-the-immigrants_lowShelf-life The Immigrants.  oils on canvas.  1405 x 705 mm. Available

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