Recent drawing of Wellington Queens Wharf – 1909

Here’s a recent drawing of the waterfront heart of historic Wellington.
Wellington Queens Wharf – 1909
Medium: pencil with varnish wash on canvas
Size: 1500 x 850mm

Historic drawings – statement
Drawings of our historical architectural environment – inspiration for our fascination of how our civilizations change through developments of building materials and engineering possibilities . . . and our creative aesthetics and styles, together with multicultural contributions. We are amazed by the jig-saw puzzle of changes over 100 years and more, as we study an historical picture of a familiar urban landscape – location.
The extra size of these drawings on canvas with my character of expression, drama of vision . . . and the inspired exploration of all the formations of buildings with their shapes of shadows and plays of light, and also the intriguing poetic displays of company names and product brands – contemporizes these historic scenes that we normally have seen only as tiny photos in books.
This line of work lifts the past into our present as an expression or example of the nature of time – evidence of our constant process of evolutionary change.

Wellington. Queen's Wharf - 1909 low

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